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So far, on our website, we always discuss the uniqueness, excellence, and benefits of watermelons that you might not know about. But in this article, we will discuss general information about storing fruit by freezing the fruit in the freezer. Maybe many people do not know about this technique because this information is actually very good for those of you who store a lot of fruit but are afraid of the fruit being damaged. Especially when we stay in our home for a very long time, in our opinion, you will definitely become more diligent in consuming fruits and vegetables to support your health in a pandemic like this. Okay, many people think that only meat can be frozen.

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Not only meat, fruit, and vegetables can be frozen. How to do it, the right way?

  1. The main principle of the actual freezing process is for preservation. Food ingredients are very easily damaged if stored for a long time at room temperature. With freezing, it is expected that these materials can have a longer shelf life because, in freezing temperatures, microbes cannot multiply.
  2. Freezing is ideal if Masaklovers has a large stock of food and will not run out in the near future. Rather than being damaged by rot, it’s better to keep it so that you can use it sometime in the future.
  3. When food is put in the freezer, over time, the water in the food will turn into ice crystals and will cause cell walls to be damaged so that when thawed, the texture of the food will be softer than the fresh conditions.
  4. Changes in texture due to the freezing process are usually not a problem if the frozen cooked food is cooked, or the food that has been frozen will be cooked further because the cooking process will also make the texture softer.
  5. Frozen fruits can be further processed into juices, purees, or smoothies so that the soft texture is not a problem. Likewise, frozen vegetables will be further processed, such as beans and frozen carrots, to make soup.
  6. Slightly different from freezing meat, there are particular things that need to be considered in the process of freezing fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables still have a variety of enzymes that can cause changes (damage) to the color, nutrients, and flavor. This enzyme must be activated first to prevent this damage.

Inactivation of enzymes in fruits and vegetables can be done by:

  • Blended, namely by boiling vegetables and fruit at a water temperature of 70-100C for several minutes and then immediately immersing them in cold water to stop the cooking process, which will cause the texture of fruits and vegetables to be soft.
  • Soaked in an acidic solution, such as lime juice or lemon juice.
  • Blanching process, in addition to making the color of vegetables and fruits more ‘out’, can also be a pre-treatment in killing existing microbes.
  • Soaking in an acidic solution (lemon juice or lemon juice) is suitable for fruits that are prone to browning or tanning, such as apples or bananas.

Fruits and vegetables that are usually frozen include:

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberries
  • Banana
  • Melon
  • Dragon fruit
  • Broccoli
  • Bean
  • Carrot
  • Peas
  • Corn

8 Differences in the Benefits of Yellow and Red Watermelons for Health

All people who live in tropical countries, usually like watermelon. Compared to yellow watermelons, red watermelons are commonly served. Did you know the difference between red and yellow watermelons?

What are the benefits of red watermelon or yellow watermelon benefits that are good for health?

Is it true that the benefits of red watermelon and the benefits of yellow watermelon are different because the nutritional content is also different? The following is the full explanation.

Benefits of Red Watermelon and Yellow Watermelon Benefits for Health

Before knowing about the different benefits of yellow watermelon or the benefits of red watermelon for health, it should be understood that the main difference between red watermelon and yellow watermelon is the chemical compounds in it.

The pigment compound found in red watermelon is lycopene, while the yellow watermelon contains beta-carotene, the same chemical that gives the carrot its color.

In addition to these different basic chemical compounds, yellow watermelon also has a sweeter taste and thicker skin than red watermelon.

Although there are differences in red and white watermelons in terms of pigment content, both varieties are equally good for increasing the body’s antioxidant levels and can be used in many of the same ways.

Benefits of Yellow and Red Watermelons for Health

The difference in Benefits of Red and Yellow Watermelons

Here are the differences and benefits of red and yellow watermelons that you should know about.

1. Nutrient content

The first health benefits of yellow watermelon are good for people with diabetes. Yellow watermelon is rich in vitamins and minerals. Not only that, but you can also find the contents of citrulline, amino acids, lycopene, potassium, and vitamins A and C. Also, yellow watermelon is rich in fiber and natural sugar, which is good for people with diabetes.

The watermelon red nutritional content is phosphorus, iron, magnesium, iron, selenium, folic acid, and vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K. Also, red watermelon is rich in fiber, protein, and niacin.

Compared to red watermelon, yellow watermelon contains high vitamin C, that’s why the benefits of yellow watermelon are believed to be able to prevent thrush better than red watermelon.

The high content of vitamin C in yellow watermelon can also strengthen the body’s immune system, so it is not easy to get sick.

However, red watermelon does not mean it does not contain vitamin C. The content of vitamin C in red watermelon still exists, even if it is not as much as the content in yellow watermelon.

2. Control blood pressure

No less than the benefits of red watermelon for health that can prevent cancer, the benefits of yellow watermelon for health are believed to be able to control blood pressure. If high blood pressure is not treated immediately, you run the risk of stroke, kidney failure, heart disease, and other serious illnesses.

3. Good collagen source

The benefits of red watermelon have high collagen content in them. The high content of natural collagen, making this red watermelon fruit, is very suitable for consumption while on a diet program. Because the watermelon does not contain fat at all, so you do not have to worry about weight gain if you consume this fruit. Also, red watermelons are believed to be able to treat kidney health. Very much is not the benefit of red watermelon for health?

Benefits of Yellow Watermelons for Health

4. Cope with arthritis

A study showed that someone who has a diet filled with an intake of vegetables and fruit, it can reduce the symptoms of arthritis (osteoarthritis) and reduce further bone damage.

Besides being rich in water content, the benefits of red watermelon or yellow watermelon for health benefits are obtained because they both contain zinc, selenium, beta-carotene, antioxidants, vitamin B6, vitamin C, which can help relieve pain and stiffness in muscles.

5. Prevent free radicals

Although both have antioxidants, the benefits of red watermelon are believed to cope better with free radicals because of their higher antioxidant content. The content of lycopene is an antioxidant as well as anti-cancer substances that are very beneficial for the body.

For those of you who are often exposed to pollution, intake of foods that contain high antioxidants is something that must be fulfilled, one of which is to eat this delicious and fresh red watermelon.

6. Maintain oral health

The benefits of yellow or red watermelon can be obtained by the body if consumed regularly is maintaining the health of the oral cavity. This fruit, which is rich in vitamin C, is effective in treating bacteria in the mouth that cause infections and gum inflammation.

7. Maintain eye health

Some health experts say the benefits of yellow watermelon are superior to red watermelons. For those of you who want to keep your eyesight healthy, getting the benefits of yellow watermelon is the best choice because of its high vitamin A and beta-carotene content.

However, not only yellow watermelon is good for eye health. Red watermelon also contains a lot of lycopene that is useful for preventing decreased vision, especially for the elderly. Therefore, it can be said that these two watermelon varieties both have good benefits for eye health.

8. Prevent constipation and dehydration

Often the watermelon is a fruit that is identified as ‘dessert.’ It is not surprising that watermelons are useful for preventing dehydration due to their high water content. Also, the benefits of red watermelon for health is to prevent constipation so that defecation becomes smooth.