Fruits and Healthy Food

I did some experimentation and discovered I could have the perfect watermelon in an oven-safe container. No need to heat it, no need to dry it, just squeeze in a few drops of vinegar.

That’s it! I’m good and hungry, and just need to make sure I eat it on its own before my kids eat it. The secret is simple: the flavor.

To get the right balance of flavor — to have a flavor profile — there’s 2 things you need to know: Watermelon is a fruit to keep in a refrigerator, and it should not be over or frozen.

This was, for us, a long way back because watermelon was so scarce back then, and many farmers were using their own watermelon growing machines to produce watermelon.

And yes, my dad is still the guy who takes every last drop. That said, we do have a few things that we now eat more frequently, including watermelon. You guessed it! It’s a lot more fresh and it tastes just as delicious.

You know what else tastes just as great? Watermelon. It’s a treat so delicious, you’ll probably keep coming back time after time for days to come.

I am all for watermelon’s beautiful pink flesh, especially when paired with other fruit: it’s the perfect summer fruit and a great protein food, too.

A good watermelon is full of vitamins and minerals and it is one of the most healthy fruits in our family.