7 Processed Watermelon Creations That Will Make Your Day Fresh and Healthy

Watermelon is very identical to summer because this one fruit has a very high water content which is about 90% of the fruit is water. Watermelon has many minerals, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, B1, B6, and the highest in the content of vitamin C.

Also, watermelon can reduce high blood pressure and relieve muscle pain, you know! The many benefits of consuming watermelons certainly make you no longer hesitant to consume them, especially when the weather is hot, right? If you feel bored eating watermelon as a whole just like that, you can make various processed watermelons as below:

7 Processed Watermelons

Watermelon Cake

1. Watermelon Cake

With a little creativity, you can make cakes with watermelon as the main ingredient, you know. What you need is a large, enough ripe watermelon. Carve the watermelon in such a way, then apply the edges of the watermelon with whipping cream and store it in the refrigerator.

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Summer Salad

2. Summer Salad

For those of you who are on a diet, salad has become a staple food that must be there. How about this time you make a summer salad made from watermelon, cucumber, red onion, and cilantro leaves. The content of watermelons and cucumbers can make your body fresh after being exposed to the hot sun. You can also add cheese for extra protein. Before serving, put the finished summer salad in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes.

Frosty Watermelon

3. Frosty Watermelon

At first glance, frosty is similar to sorbet, and the difference is similar to ice cream sorbet, while frosty is a cold drink like juice or smoothies. You can make frosty by first freezing the watermelon chunks from the freezer, then blending them with honey, mint leaves, lemon juice, and honey. If you want to taste even better, you can add frozen bananas.

Popsicle Ice Cream

4. Popsicle Ice Cream

Popsicle is an ice stick, aka frozen lollipop that is popular in the world. How to make it is very easy, for sure you must have a special mold popsicle, huh! Arrange slices of fruit that you like, like kiwi or orange in a popsicle mold, then pour the melted melon with watermelon into it. Freeze in the freezer and then eat when the air is blazing.

Fried Watermelons

5. Fried Watermelons

Not only bananas that can be fried, but watermelon can also be found. You can cut the watermelon into cubes, then dip it in cornflour and egg white mixture. Next, coat it again with cornstarch and fry it slowly. Cook until the watermelon pieces are golden.

Watermelon Sorbet

 6. Watermelon Sorbet

Sorbet can be a refreshing dessert that you can eat after consuming heavy food. How to make this sorbet is very easy. All you have to do is chop the watermelon and then mix it with lime juice and honey then blend it into one. After that, please put it in the freezer until it is frozen, then blend again. Do it 2-3 times and then serve.

Roasted Watermelon Seeds

7. Roasted Watermelon Seeds

Not only meat, but watermelon seeds can also be processed into tasty snacks, you know. Dry watermelon seeds in the sun. You can use a baking sheet. After drying, roast watermelon seeds on the stove over medium heat.

Turn back and forth until the seeds are roasted evenly. Then, add salt to the water glass and stir until it dissolves. Pour salt water into the pan and let it cook, occasionally stirring until the water evaporates. After finishing, let the seeds cool and ready to serve.